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Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores

Piss Bondage Tube [UPDATED]

Cum in the mouth and golden shower piss in the bathroom dirty latina very slutty happy to be pissed on and used playing with the cum on her face and being showered with piss would you bathe me in piss

piss bondage tube

The Urinal Gag Inserts is the perfect line of accessories for the Urinal Piss Gag. There are three different yellow inserts made of pure silicone that bring even more fun and some extra variety to your piss gag water-sports and playtime.

The Tongue Supressor insert flattens the wearer's tongue and makes sure the flow of piss keeps going. With this one there is no clamping down or breaks, so we recommend it for experts, veterans, and piss drinking enthusiasts.

Pissing Bondage is an intense fetish site that combines a few things into each of its exclusive galleries: watersports, intense bondage, BDSM and beautiful European fetish models. The site is small but comes with generous extras and bonus content. 041b061a72


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