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Matthew Clark

Ed Bozarth Best Buy 'LINK'

Elizabeth Ouellette, executive assistant to Cable Dahmer CEO Carlos Ledezma, said he and Ed Bozarth have known each other for a while and were in the same 20 Group together. A 20 Group typically comprises dealers and dealership executives of like brands who share best practices.

ed bozarth best buy

Unlike buying from a private seller, our used truck inventory has been carefully selected and inspected by our expert team of technicians for quality. Our sales team is upfront about the condition and quality of each of our used truck models, so you can just concentrate on finding the used truck that matches your lifestyle and budget best.

Buying replacement parts can be expensive. That's why we make getting the parts you need affordable and easy, allowing you to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. By taking advantage of one of our parts specials, you will have the assurance of Chevy manufactured parts while also paying less. Some of the parts that you may find coupons or specials for include:

If you are in the market for a new car or truck, Ed Bozarth offers one of the best military discounts in the city. Active Duty members, Reserves and Retirees are eligible for the discount, which provides military members with a preferred price for vehicles. Military members can purchase up to two vehicles per year with their discount. The staff at this dealership is very helpful and knowledgeable, but will not pressure you into buying. Stop by if you need a new car or truck. 041b061a72


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