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Cake Mania 1 Free Download Full Version For Pc ((BETTER))

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Cake Mania 1 Free Download Full Version For Pc


Let's get cookin' as you help Jill upgrade her kitchen with state-of-the-art baking tools, while serving her ever-increasingly difficult customers! In order to get advantaged of playing Cake Mania full unlimiteg game version you must register the game.

The series is available for PCs, Apple Mac, game consoles, on the web as a Flash game, on Facebook as Cake Mania: Special Delivery, and as a mobile game for cell phones. Cake Mania is also notable for being one of the first top-50 titles available as a free download in an advertising-supported model.[2]

I like the game cake mania a lot. But if only they had it on mac computers!!!! I have only played the whimpy first 6 levels or so and really like it and then I go to download it and its for pc only. I have spent time googling for the mac version to download and maybe even buy. I think they are missing out on some custemers and if hey jay, if you could put a word in to MAKE THIS A MAC GAME TOO that would be great.

ive played this game on a pc before but im kinda upset that they dont have a version available for macs! i think that if they created a mac version there would be many more downloads and more people purchusing the full version ... i dunno maybe its just me but i think there should be a MAC version too!

* Kid: Very impatient and will calm down when given cupcakes. Keep an eye on him as he will storm out of the shop if ignored. * Businessman: There are two types of businessmen, one regular and one on vacation. The regular businessman is somewhat patient and will wait a little longer for his order. The businessman on vacation is very impatient and will need lots of attention. * Granny: She may look sweet and kind, but this granny can be a real handful. She also appears in two different outfits, as a regular granny and as a granny on vacation. The vacation granny is much more impatient than the regular one. * College coed: This is the girl who shows up in the shop wearing the green skirt and purple top. She is an average customer who just needs her cake made in a timely manner. * Bride: This customer must be late for her wedding as she is one of the most demanding customers in the game. Make sure to give her free samples and tune the TV to her favorite channel or she will run out the door. * Delivery man: The delivery man is the first customer you will see in your shop. He is not demanding as long as he gets his order. * Food critic: All food critics look for the best possible service. Make sure not to ignore her or you will get bad reviews. * Easter bunny: An odd looking man in a bunny suit. He can become ornery if ignored for too long. Make sure you take care of him before he hops away. * Santa Claus: If Santa's here, it must be December. He is a busy man, with many people to see. Make sure he isn't kept waiting. * Dracula: Halloween comes once a year, like our friend Dracula. He can become impatient and steal hearts from other players, making them even more impatient. * Cupid: He may be a symbol of love, but this little guy is pretty impatient. It is best to put on cartoons, give him a cupcake and get his order done quickly. The good thing about Cupid is that he orders one layer cakes, making it a bit easier to serve him.Customer Favorites Behind the customer you find first the favorite topping and then the favoriteTV channel: Kid: Slyder,CartoonsGranny:Candle, NewsCollege Coed:Strawberries,Food NetworkBride:Wedding, Food NetworkDelivery Man:Tradewinds Ship, NewsFood Critic:Roses, Food NetworkEaster Bunny:Snail Mail, CartoonsSanta Claus:Snail Mail, CartoonsDracula:Roses, Food NetworkCupid:Snail Mail,Cartoons * TV: A television keeps customers happily distracted, buying Jill more time to cook. There are three channels to choose from: Cartoons, News, and Food network. * Make sure you know what character likes which channel as it is helpful with the more impatient customers (See chart above). * The display case is not as necessary as some of the other items available for purchase. If you don't plan on making mistakes, your money is much better spent elsewhere. If you would like to display a cake, or have a backup, this could be a good purchase. * Make sure you upgrade Jill's shoes when you reach the beach. It will help you move faster to get orders out to your customers. * When upgrading equipment, make sure to spread your money out. It is much better to slowly build two topping stations than one station quickly. * Leave money on the counter rather than collecting it quickly. This allows you to focus on fewer customers at once, making it less likely to make mistakes in the later levels.

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Do you remember playing those old arcade game Cake Mania with your family and friends? Those were the days when we used to call them "Arcade Mania" and everyone used to play there best arcade game there was to prove their dexterity in playing a different game. Well, the new version of this game is here and it is even more exciting and enjoyable than the first one. Download Cake Mania 2: Reflexive to be an ultimate full version of the game. In the previous articles have shared the complete link to download Cake Mania: Reflexive and now in this article let us share the complete download link for Cake Mania 2: Reflexive.

For those who loved playing Cake Mania, you would know that the game would get very boring if you continue to do the same level over again because the ending of every game is always the same. Therefore, after a while, I decided to look for other interesting ways to make the game of Cake Mania more exciting and enjoyable. I remember I started searching on the internet for the site where I could download the game for free but to my surprise, the website is not existent. So, I came up with another idea to create my own website where I can publish my own game, and challenge other bakers to create the best game on their website. The website of Cake Mania is dedicated to a simple mission to promote and showcase different possible endings of the original game of Cake Mania. Therefore, it is up to you to choose your favorite ending and challenge other players to beat it.

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