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Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores

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The intra-band romantic drama that fueled Fleetwood Mac's historic Rumors record is well documented, but even before its 1977 release, they were penning love songs that stuck to your ribs. One such track was "Landslide," a gorgeous, lilting showcase for singer Stevie Nicks about how love, in all its forms, never stays static.

Love Home Stay Stay Alive Movie Mp3 Download

Most romantic lyrics: "Lovers forever, face to face/ My city, your mountains/ Stay with me, stay/ I need you to love me/ I need you today/ Give me to me your leather, take from me my lace"

I just read A Day in the Life: Technology that Assists a Visually Impaired Person through the Day by Bill Holton, which I found extremely interesting, and it looks like there are many items that can be useful to blind people. I'm 59 years old, and I've been legally blind since birth. Over the last several years, my vision has gradually deteriorated to the point where I can see only light and blurred visions of objects. For the past 15 years, I've had type 1 diabetes, which means I must take insulin every day in order to stay alive. Since 2003, I've been using an insulin pump. I have a talking glucose meter, which allows me to independently check my own glucose levels. However, the pump doesn't talk, and I have to rely on hearing the beeps. Most of the times, I have no problem with this, but sometimes I need to see what it says on the screen. If the pump could talk to me, I could tell what the screen says, and I'd know how much insulin I have remaining in my pump. Also, I could check when my last dose of insulin was, and at what time. I could also check the alarm status on the pump. I hope that one day there will be a talking insulin pump available. I like to be as independent as possible. Fortunately, I enjoy good health, and I hope to remain healthy for a long time,


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