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Prince Of Persia 4 2008: How a Crack Can Help You Experience the Game Without Any Hassle

Brad Shoemaker of Giant Bomb, reviewing on the Xbox 360, was less glowing about The Forgotten Sands and the return to The Sands of Time Trilogy over the 2008 reboot of the series. "Despite the finely tuned level design and decent variety in the action, Forgotten Sands just feels a little rough around the edges".[44] He criticized the game's lack of production quality in terms of visuals, believing it to be underwhelming in comparison to then current generation console releases, and thought the environments were too similar to the other. He additionally criticized the Prince's new look, remarking, "[...]I disliked the weird design of the prince himself so much that I played most of the game with him wearing an Ezio costume, as soon as I unlocked it".

Prince Of Persia 4 2008 Crack

WOW! Read all 67 pages, how not to love this history of winning and good code? I've played your games and always though you to be such a gifted man. Almost cried when I saw your name in the prince of persia movie. But I couldn't imagine an history like that. May God bless you and I hope someday I can make something as big as you, to be remembered as someone who gave so much happiness to the world :DGreetings from Brazil!

hello, I've been playing PoP 1 since 1990/91 on PC, I don't need to tell you what a revolution it was when it came out, I was a kid back then, it was shocking, in a good way, the game trapped me for hours and hours... I had a no-hard drive old PC and I used to dream about "when I get my first hard disk, a 40 mb one, that should be enough for life!, I'm going to have the c:\games\prince directory and no more abuse on the poor floppy disks!!!", hahaha, I had a green monochromatic monitor back then, CGA graphics card, 640kb of ram, it was a 10mhz processor, only pc speaker, no sound blaster, and the game was awesome. when I got a color monitor it looked funny..... the colors were not right..... like purple..... it was supposed to be like that, I know, the CGA pallettes are awful. I swear the game looked better on the green mono monitor than on the color cga one!!, hahaha.anyway, thank you for creating the game, congratulations for making history, and........ I'm still waiting for the real prince of persia 3 :) I want to know the answers to the unresolved stuff from the shadow and the flame!!.

Hi Jordan, I am a very big fan of "Prince of Persia" since from my age of 12. I have played all the versions of "Prince of Persia" atleast 15 times. The way, I played the games, My friends used to call me as "NamasThePrince". Thanks a lot for giving a life to prince of persia. The Concept art of "Sands of Time" is still in my memory and also the dialogues. Thank you once again Jordan. I am eagerly waiting for your(our) upcoming movie "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time".

from the look of the sketch, the ranch seems really peaceful. even though i'm not a big star wars fan, i'd love to visit there one day. did anything there inspire you for any new prince of persia ideas? i'd love to hear some new stuff about prince of persia (gamewise)

wow, this is awesome, i'm so glad to hear info about a second graphic novel, i've only been hearing rumors. i really wish i could go to comic-con to see the POP stuff, but i got school and no tickets to get in :( oh well, any info on a teaser trailer for the prince of persia movie?

if people don't appreciate prince of persia, that's their thing.sands of time was the inspiration for my career choice, it's a very inspirational game, not just 'cause of the unique gameplay, but the dialogue, storyline, and love elements all tie in perfectly. it's harmony in the form of a video game really. i'm sure many people are ready to back up prince of persia at any moment, including myself.

@Beato2106 I admit I usually primarily visit Kotaku and The Escapist, but as a PoP fan I did look around, and the sites I found only mentioned Ubisoft's original description which is ambiguous about the story. Unless the sites I missed somehow had access to more, official information, I'll have to assume they were posting their guess (or interpretation) as fact. A good guess too apparently. :) -turns-back-time-with-prince-of-persia-the-forgotten-sands -The-Prince-Returns-in-Prince-of-Persia-The-Forgotten-Sands

Mr mechner..i just wanna thank you for create the prince of persia..for me its s an excellent game the first trilogy ( i mean prince 1, the shadow and the flame and 3-D) and the second too (sands of time, warrior within and the two thrones) and now the new one that its a bit strange with the pirnce animated..but its good for me too.i know that you only work in the first 4.. i wanna thank you too beacuse Prince was one of the first game i played..the first ine i plated was the shadow ans the flame..and its still being for me an excellent thats it. thnak you and i wish you good luck

Don't be afraid ppl in here(Russia) loves Prince saga so if there would be some principal changes in pictures ppl will let u know what are they thinking about u for that))) have a question. Dont u thin that it is a bit not good that they are using some robes from warrior within in this movie(sands of time) Just telling cause i think that its a bit difficult to makea movie from gam that is good in its action and atmosphere and its hard to do whole movie same atmospheric as the game. Imao that warrior within is the best part of all of them. Atmospheric, a much tension, dramatic really dramatic (maybe that Kyline should die at the end 8) ) and a lot of scenic action. (may compare with MGS 4 - in that they also tryed to make a movie which they've done). So i think if the movie will be something like Mummy it would be weak... they will have a chance to recover at warrior within its like ok prince was lame and stupid teenage at sands of time but at warrior within he is pissed and at the same time is scared for his country and himself as hell. He dont want to die and a bit despairate cause every1 tells dont mess with destiny it will owe u. So there is a lot of drama in it. inner fight. and a lot of adrenalin splaches on the way to the truth and freedom from destiny. And music is more than appropriate. Metallic and eastern everything that is connexted with prince - rage, despair and his national roots) beaty and mistery of east, power and young age anf boiling blood of young guy and adventure! that is what attracts so much in it. So if they ruin this one it will be criminal... I beg ur apologize for such a huge message but just understood that i could write to the creatoRRR of the epic game himself )) I want to ask the last question in order not to write it as a complaint. Myabe it would be more interesting to create such a story that it would have much more drama in itself and more scenic action and really deep actions. Not like oh the enemies are right there the magic of this wonder game engine and my azz are telling me that they are there and then come new lvl with tons of enemies. I dont know maybe it would be much more exiting to do such game in which u would even feel pity for foes sometimes. Not only cause it fell down on pikes and died in suffering 8) Anyway to create something like Kodzima did with his MGS series. so how do u think mr Mencher? My first game ever when i was 5 years on pc was prince of persia) i still remember it. and it was in tiny town in deep Russia on the first pc in this city at those times ))) that was special. Warrior within was a revelation for me as was the fact that i read that u took the head part in creation ) i thought that that were evil dudes in companyu that for a long ago bought all ur brend and just using it. ok im done writing) so shoot. 8)))with best regards and great hello from Russia!

i cant believe im actually in your blogspot! i love your games so much! prince of persia is the best series ive ever played! i was just wondering...will you ever make a sequel to the PoP series because i'll be more than happy to know...and make it xbox360/ps3 compatable because PoP looks great in these systems.

Did you play the very first Prince of Persia on DOS or Amiga?This video replicates the design and motions of that prince. The precision is astounding, even given that the original prince was drawn from video in the first place. Even some of the pratfalls mimic Jordan's brother:/blog/2011/03/gdc-making-prince-of-persia/

Hi all !Good luck I have a personal original copy of apple II Karateka & prince of persia ( i baught them many years ago on @bay ) and I know these are very difficult game to find nowadays

this is the game I have loved more. If I had the knowledge I would build another episode of this game with different levels,a more sofisticated IA of enemies but with the same graphic. I don't like prince of persia 2 or 3 so much as the number 1.

what a kind of shit Assasian creeed is,and this shit is being made popular by ubisoft. in originality , it dosent deserve anything. three years gone since we saved a kingdom! and we are eagerly waiting to save another kinhdom . yes, i am talking about prince of persia, my favourite game series of which i am crazy about, in real life too. ubisoft ignores our questions on prince of persia next release.. they dont cares. no one cares .not even u jordon :-(

hi jordan, I'm a big fan from argentina, Ive been playin prince of persia since I was 5, 24 years ago.I think that prince of persia 2 was the ultimate pop experience, the level designs and the feel of the game is amazing. Im super excited to read the game's bible!

Hi Jordan, I have a doubt, I am from Colombia and I want to buy prince of persia in the Xbox live market (the prince of persia retro), but this game is not allowed for my there any reason for that? I really want to play again the "old prince of persia" but I cant do it... and my another question is.. this POP 2 game will be only on mobile devies or will be ported to Xbox too. Thanks!!!

QUESTION: I deleted the levels.dat file and launched the game, then the game asked to enter the prince of persia disk. But now I deleted the kids.dat file (only) the game asked to enter the prince of persia disk 2. I am wondering why ? I know it's only one disk.


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