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Rci*vacations ##TOP##

Extra Vacations getaways are week-long vacations at RCI affiliated resorts like the Hawaii timeshares of Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Hilton Hawaiian Village or Ka anapli Beach Club, for which you do not exchange your RCI weeks.


Similar to the Extra Vacation Getaways, RCI Last Call are week-long vacations that can be booked using cash and do not affect your points or weeks. What makes Last Call stays a little different is that they are discounted greatly and can be booked within 45 days of checking in. To view more about this program, log in to your RCI account.

While you will always want to spend time at Hope Lake Lodge, you may also want to travel elsewhere for your vacations. Thanks to our affiliation with Resorts Condominium International, your dreams will become reality as you will have the opportunity to spend time at nearly 5,000 resorts in over 100 countries worldwide. When you travel you can stay in condos, villas and, yes, even castles for pennies a day!

Due to our great location and wide variety of amenities, Hope Lake Lodge has earned the prestigious Gold Crown Designation from RCI, signifying our resort as the Best of the Best! This assures wonderful, personal vacations at Hope Lake Lodge and presents an appealing option to others when trading your weeks. Our owners can travel to Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and thousands of locations throughout the United States, including exclusive Disney properties.

My husband and I have been RCI platinum members since 2022. I am finding out that everything we were told was untrue. When we signed up for this we were told we could take vacations for $199, $249 etc for a week and not have to pay anything else all over the world. Those prices were all we would pay. Very far from the truth. I asked specific questions to the person helping sell the timeshares. I am now realizing everything were lies. We have already paid a lot of money to this company and got nothing in return.

For most timeshare owners, RCI is an exchange network to trade in their interval for another destination around the world, while, for others, RCI is a great pool of destinations that offers great discounted weeks and travel savings. RCI offers 3 pools of vacations: Exchange Vacations- trading deposited weeks for other destinations; Extra-vacations offering destinations of 60 days+ of arrival for a purchase price; and Last Call Vacations in which weeks within 45 days and less of arrival can be purchased between 395CAD and 450CAD depending on the size of accommodation.

In addition to being affiliated with the Interval International Exchange Network, KNK has teamed with RCI to offer KNK Owners a second option for exchange services throughout the world. Interval International and RCI are the worldwide leaders in vacation exchange services. RCI offers access to more than 4300 resorts in nearly 100 countries. There are also many other ways you can enjoy great vacations with RCI, including access to travel-related benefits and services offered at special member pricing. Call toll-free 1-800-338-7777 or visit their website at 041b061a72


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