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Deleted Kisses.mp4

Finn and Jake start to save the Candy People. Finn starts by carrying Mr. Cupcake, but he ends up getting deleted. Finn freaks out and tells Jake to help him. Jake starts to calm Chocoberry, but her arms and legs fall apart then get deleted. Finn then again tries to help Sugar Cube, but he declines his offer as he saw what happened to Mr. Cupcake when Finn picked him up, then he gets deleted.

Deleted Kisses.mp4

Finn then says that the things they were doing were not working and they need a plan, but Jake promptly falls asleep for 52 seconds to dream of a plan. When Finn wakes him up, Jake explains his dream plan to Finn. He says that the things he was saying was not good enough for a plan, but Jake intends to finish it. Upon explaining this, Finn panics, but Jake says that they should talk to the glitch like in his dream. Finn agrees and picks up a part of a deleted thing and asks if it can help them, but it replies, "I can't help you goofballs;" however, Finn and Jake cannot understand what it says since the letters are backwards (they are standing behind the message). Jake tries to read it and as Finn finds a way out, Jake thinks he has broken the code, but Finn says that they do not have time for it and they enter the way Finn found.

The next part goes to Princess Bubblegum where she is reloading her gun with tranquilizer darts, and her chair suddenly disappears and falls on the ground. When she falls, Ice King enters. Princess Bubblegum gets up, points the gun at him and asks him to give her the antivirus or she will shoot him with her Candy Horse Tranquilizer, but he says that he even brought her a box of chocolates (among other things); he tastes it and tells her that it is still good, visibly disgusted. He then throws away the box as it glitches up. Ice King starts talking about the promise she said about dating him is he was the last person in Ooo, and at the end of each of his phrases, Princess Bubblegum shoots him with her gun as he slowly passes out, but the darts on his face and the gun get deleted. Princess Bubblegum then says that even though she did promise, he is not the last person on Ooo because she is still there, then she starts kissing her left hand. Ice King tries to get her to kiss his hand, too, but she refuses.

Finn is being carried by Jake with his sword in his mouth. They figure out a plan to defeat the Glitch. One second later, they arrive in front of the Glitch. Finn and Jake start to fight it. Jake uses Finn's head to slice the Glitch, but instead a mouth forms that eats the sword and Jake's body suddenly gets deleted. Finn says that they need to get the building blocks out of the Glitch's stomach, then Jake remind Finn of the video they saw of the girl gagging herself with her hair. Jake removes Finn's hat and starts biting Finn's hair. The Glitch, being grossed out, throws up all of the building blocks that he ate from the universal source code, and as he moves far away, some random scenes appear.

Everything that was deleted returns; Finn and Jake celebrate. Ice King is shocked, then he suddenly gets stuck in the side of a reappearing house. Finn and Jake walk in the Candy Kingdom as they observe that everything is back to normal. Donut Guy comes running and shouting that his face is back to normal. Finn asks him if he knows where Princess Bubblegum is, and he shouts that she is in Ice King's castle.

To manually select clips for deletion, use the Timeline. Move the slider of the Timeline Scale to find the beginning of the clip to be deleted and click the Split button above the Timeline. Then do the same to mark the end of the video clip to be deleted. Use the Preview window to make sure that you marked the right part for deletion.

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Several scenes were written, and can be read in the script (available online), but didn't make the final film. Some made the deleted scenes on the DVD, but some did not. These include: Bruce answering prayers individually, including giving a nerdy boy strength, helping some prisoners escape, and giving a man a bigger penis. (On the DVD); a longer "Little Less Conversation" montage, featuring Bruce finding Bigfoot (on the DVD), him struggling to take a bath due to automatically walking on the water's surface, and him making zoo pandas mate by making them insatiably horny (not on the DVD); the mansion where Bruce throws the party is revealed to have been the new home Bruce has bought (on the DVD); right before his first live broadcast, Bruce uses his powers to "pleasure" Susan Ortega (not on the DVD); Grace's boobs grow twice more (not on the DVD); Grace's boobs go back to normal after she prays for them to (Not on the DVD).

Similar to a scene in The Mask (1994), when Bruce is exploring his newfound powers, he happens to pass an alley that contains a gang that gave him grief earlier in the film, (in The Mask, a gang steals his watch, however this scene was deleted from the final cut). In both films the character uses his new powers to exact revenge on the group, and they run away terrified. 041b061a72


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