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The first step should be opening up your starter deck of cards. Don't be excited, however because the level of talent that your squad has will likely leave something to be wanted. For instance, in my starting pack, San Diego Chargers right guard Louis Vasquez Mut 24 coins, below, was among four players with the top overall score (68 in total):

A starter pack can give players enough cards to form an entire team along with randomly selected the home or away team uniform, as well as a venue to call home, defensive and offensive playbooks, as well as coaches:

There is only one way to acquire replacement cards for the player Louis Vasquez in your deck is to earn coins. Although there are several ways to earn coins the most efficient method is to play an online game with your own fictional team. My team's skill was poor (a 64 on the overall) I chose to play against the weak Cleveland Browns. After a sloppy performance with a hammerful of coins:

Two hundred and thirty-five coins may sound like an enormous amount of money, but when the cost of a bronze pack is 500 coins, it became evident that it will take long time to accumulate enough coins to purchase new packs. Additionally, simming Ultimate Team games will net less coins than playing the games fully. Of course, EA Sports has a solution for you: spend real money to buy virtual coins

With a few coins in your pockets you can purchase the bronze (500 coins) and silver (1,500 coins) and silver (1,500 coins), gold (3,000 coins) as well as platinum (9,000 coins) packs. The platinum packs contain legendary player cards with ratings based on the player's best year. After I purchased a platinum pack I also added players such as Marvin Harrison, Warrick Dunn, Ahman Green, and Lorenzo Neal to my team:This is many people to handle, however fortunately it's easy to arrange your lineups making sure that the top performers are on the front and in the middle. Be on the lookout for those contract numbers as when a player's contract is been canceled, you will not be able to employ the player again. Contracts are also applicable to coach cards:

After you've bought some packs, you'll soon find yourself having more cards than permitted to have (a limit of up to 55 cards for players and hundred total cards). There are two choices: You could decide to throw away the card (and gain some coins) or place the card on an auction block so that the other Ultimate Team players bid on the card. Naturally, more skilled players will be able to earn more coins buy madden 24 coins.


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