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1 : World Of Women __FULL__

There were an estimated 18.1 million cancer cases around the world in 2020. Of these, 9.3 million cases were in men and 8.8 million in women. The most common cancers globally are listed in the tables below.

1 : World of Women

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

Ye has come a long way since winning double IM gold in London at just 16-years-old back in 2012. Now at 24, she made her way back to the podium at the 2019 Worlds with double silver in the 200 and 400 IM, and also reached the final in the 200 breaststroke. Many thought Ye was done after finishing eighth in the 200 IM in Rio but she is now among the best in the world in both IMs and has also developed into a world class breaststroker ahead of what would be her third Olympics.

Gastaldello really made a name for herself in 2020 during the International Swimming League, putting up the fastest time in the world in the 100 fly and 100 IM, and also putting herself second in the 100 free and sixth in the 50 free. If she can translate that success to long course, she could be sniffing the podium in Tokyo. The sprint events are already particularly stacked with the presence of swimmers like Sjostrom, Campbell and Manuel, but Gastaldello proved she could compete with the best in short course meters, it is just a matter of can she replicate that in the Olympic pool.

Atherton had a lot of momentum on her side in the second half of 2019, where she set the short course meters world record in the 100 backstroke a few weeks removed from her first international medal in the 100 back at Worlds. Atherton had a promising junior career, winning the 2015 World junior titles in the 100 and 200 back, but had a lull of improvement in between then and 2019 where she finally broke through with a silver in Gwangju. Australia, like the US, has a deep talent pool in the backstroke events, and if Atherton can make her way onto the plane to Tokyo, she could be a medal favorite.

It seems like every time Haughey dives into the pool, she sets a new best time. After just narrowly missing the podium in the 200 freestyle at the 2019 Worlds, Haughey has been on a tear. She had the top 200 freestyle time in the ISL last year, and did not lose a single 200 free race in the 2020 ISL season. She also led the world rankings in the 100 freestyle this year in short course meters with her ISL performances. Haughey was a 1:54 in long course this season and she could be a dark horse gold medal favorite for Tokyo. Hong Kong has never had a finalist in Olympic swimming, let alone a medalist.

Smith was our world swimmer of the year in 2019 after breaking the world records in the 100 and 200 back, becoming the first woman to break 58 and 2:04 in those two events. At just 18, Smith is a big favorite to make a number of events for Tokyo and in the early days of the pre-pandemic 2020 year, she had proved 2019 was no fluke by sitting near the top of the world in both the 100 and 200 back, as well as the 200 fly. Smith is staying one more year with coach Mike Parratto in Minnesota before she heads to Stanford with Olympic coach Greg Meehan.

McKeown had a big breakout year in 2020, moving up to second all-time in the 100 backstroke and third all-time in the 200. McKeown also broke the short course meters world record in the 200 back this year, putting a target on her back heading into 2021 as the one to beat for Olympic gold. Australia has a deep talent pool in both the 100 and 200 back with Atherton and Emily Seebohm in pursuit, but McKeown has momentum on her side. It is hard to believe she is still only 19, as she chases her first Olympic berth.

Ledecky is the best. She wins almost every race that she enters, generally by a wide margin. She is the most likely person to be able to break any of her own world records. That means that she should be #1 on a list of the world best swimmers.

Globally, the highest number of reforms were made in the Parenthood, Pay, and Workplace indicators. Many reforms focused on protecting against sexual harassment in employment, prohibiting gender discrimination, increasing paid leave for new parents, and removing job restrictions for women. The Pay and Parenthood indicators have the lowest average scores in the index, but they have increased in the last year, rising 0.9 and 0.7 points, respectively, with average scores of 68.7 and 55.6. The gains in the Parenthood indicator have largely been around paternity leave and shared parental leave, but the low score highlights the need to accelerate reforms in this area.

Europe and Central Asia: The Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region is the second highest scoring region, with an average score of 84.1. Four economies reformed last year. Armenia and Ukraine introduced paid paternity leave, and Georgia introduced paid parental leave. Ukraine also equalized the ages at which women and men can retire with full pension benefits. Cyprus allowed women to apply for a passport in the same way as men. Important challenges remain in the areas of Pay and Pension which have the lowest average scores in this region. For example, almost half of the economies in ECA do not mandate equal remuneration for work of equal value, and the ages for full pension benefits are still unequal in 17 economies.

South Asia: Women in South Asia have only two-thirds of the legal rights of men in the region. Only one economy in the region reformed. Pakistan lifted restrictions on women's ability to work at night.

thankyou for your information it is help me todevelop my dissertation work but i face search ingin problem to my dissertation work i am 3 years PhD student in ethiopia wolaita university in the titile of gender spesific poverty in rural Ethiopia I NEEDyour healp by searching and seanding me some literaturs please i attached searching points1.Gender specific poverty figures of the world here? Poverty data in rural and urban areas of the world.2.The magnitude of poverty in developing countries.3.Give also the share of women under poverty in developing countries.4.Share of rural poverty as compared with urban poverty5.Poverty in Africa and subsequently in sub-Saharan countries.6.The total poverty stricken population,7.Poverty stricken male and female in Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.8.Poverty stricken population in rural and urban areas of Africa and sub Saharan Africa countries

While American women had been fighting for the right to vote for decades prior to the ratification of the 19th Amendment on August 18, 1920, it was not until World War I that their cause for political independence regained momentum, says Stanford legal scholar Pamela S. Karlan.

The 19th Amendment guaranteed that women throughout the United States would have the right to vote on equal terms with men. Prior to the 19th Amendment, while many western states had given women the right to vote, most states east of the Mississippi River restricted the right to vote only to men.

Ash Barty of Australia waves after defeating Danielle Collins of the U.S. in the women's singles final at the Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne, Australia on Jan. 29, 2022. Andy Brownbill/AP hide caption

Ash Barty, the world No. 1 women's tennis player, has surprised the sporting world by retiring at the age of 25, only two months after winning her third Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open.

Barty explained that she wanted to "chase other dreams" that "don't necessarily involve traveling the world being away from my family." Barty announced her engagement to trainee golf professional Garry Kissick in November.

In 2014, a 19-year-old small town girl named Maria Jose Alvarado catapulted onto the world stage when her brilliant smile and sweet personality won her the Miss Honduras crown. With a freshly minted passport, she was set to compete for the prestigious Miss World title in London, a trip which would be the first plane ride of her life.

But her dreams of glamour and glory were never to be. Just a few days before she was set to leave for the competition, Alvarado and her sister, 23-year-old Sofia Trinidad, were brutally murdered. Their bodies were hidden in shallow graves in a riverbank in Santa Barbara, Honduras, discovered after a week-long manhunt that made international headlines. Their joint funeral was broadcast around the world and attended by thousands.

Fear is an ever-present reality of life for so many women here, yet the Honduran government fails to provide shelters or safe houses. So families in the gravest danger are at the mercy of private charities. 041b061a72


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