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Midsomer Murders Season 23 - Episode 5 ((TOP))

The schedule shakeup meant that the fifth episode of season 22, For Death Prepare, which was meant to air at 8 pm was axed. The episode is 90 minutes long so would have extended into the interview special so ITV decided to delay it.

Midsomer Murders Season 23 - Episode 5


If you want to see older seasons AND the most recent episodes (season 22), you'll need a subscription to British TV-heavy streaming service Acorn TV. They were the exclusive US location for the season 22 premiere, and they're ad-free (unlike the free services mentioned above).

In this season, the police (namely Barnaby and Winter) tackle puzzles focused on new murders. The sleepy little villages are picturesque, but filled to the brim with crime and Barnaby and Winter are thrust into the milieu while still maintaining their private lives. The comic relief in all of these episodes is DS Winter who, although a dedicated officer, manages to get the short end of the stick when it comes to muddling through mud and being pelted by wet sponges at the local faire.

An excellent start to season 23. The crime is well-thought-out and executed. The actual investigation is lacking effort but the hoax makes up for it. The acting is above par as well as the cinematography. The episode deserves a 7. Get more Midsomer Murders recaps here. Support Reel Mockery by clicking the link. Ask about our advertising packages to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers monthly.

What more do we know about the upcoming season, including who is back for Season 23? We also have a preview video that includes death by lifeboat. Plus, we also have information on where you can watch the new episodes of this top British mystery series.

Despite a worldwide pandemic and filming delays, Midsomer Murders is back for Season 23. This new season will have a total of six episodes, like Season 22. Back for more is Neil Dungeon as DCI Barnaby and Nick Hendrix is also returning as DS Jamie Winter. According to the preview, the two will be matching their wits with a cornucopia of murder and mayhem.

The fourth episode in season 22 is airing as a one-off, so don't expect to see the show back next week. However, if one episode of Midsomer isn't enough for you, never fret - this weekend will also see a retrospective documentary airing on the channel, entitled Midsomer Murders - 25 Years of Mayhem.

Midsomer Murders returns for its 23rd season and 25th year on the air, and Acorn TV is ready to celebrate. The first four installments of the six-episode season will premiere on Monday, December 12, and run weekly, with one new episode streaming every Monday. But before that, they'll be kicking things off in style with the special Midsomer Murders: 25 Years of Mayhem streaming one week before the premiere on Monday, December 5.

Acorn TV and Channel 5 went into together on The Madame Blanc Mysteries in 2021, and it was enough of a success that it not only got a Season 2 but a Christmas special that will follow the Call The Midwife format and kick off the new season airs just ahead of the regular January launch. That special(/Season 2 premiere) arrives on Acorn on Monday, December 26, perfect for Boxing Day. Further episodes will stream weekly in January.

The award-winning actor Alfred Molina comes to streaming television in Amazon's Three Pines, based on the Chief Inspector Gamache novel series by Louise Penny, with Molina as the titular Quebecois detective. This eight-hour first season will premiere with two episodes on Friday, December 2, with two episodes a week to follow through the end of the month.

The third and final season of His Dark Materials, a series HBO once had such high hopes for, is being burnt off this December in what the BBC excuses as a "Special holiday treat." Perhaps knowing the growing reputation of new CEO David Zalzav, who is canceling things left, right, and center on HBO Max, the streamer is just taking this one in the teeth with two episodes streaming every Monday from December 5 to December 26.

Surprise! HBO Max's complete inability to market great British content they have struck again. Most people have no idea I Hate Suzie, starring Billie Piper, existed at all, let alone that a second season was happening. Thankfully, it's not one that Zalzav has slashed (at least not yet), so hurry and stream it before he notices. Season 2 arrives with all episodes on Thursday, December 22 041b061a72


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