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HappyMod Presents: Hitman Sniper APK + Obb with MOD Unlimited Money

Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod: How to Download and Play the Best Sniper Shooting Game on Mobile


If you are a fan of action games and stealth games, you might have heard of Hitman Sniper, a popular mobile game that allows you to step into the shoes of Agent 47, a skilled assassin tasked with taking out targets from afar. With the MOD Unlimited Money version, you can enjoy unlimited funds to buy and upgrade weapons, unlock new missions, and play the game without any restrictions.

But how can you get this MOD version of Hitman Sniper? The answer is HappyMod, a platform that provides modded APKs for various games and apps. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod, how to play the game, and some tips and tricks to improve your skills. Let's get started!

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What is Hitman Sniper?

Hitman Sniper is a mobile game developed by Square Enix Ltd, based on the Hitman franchise. The game features Agent 47, a professional hitman who uses his sniper rifle to eliminate targets in various locations. The game has over 150 missions and 10 different contracts, each with its own objectives and challenges. You can also play in different modes, such as zombie mode, where you have to survive waves of undead enemies.

The game has awesome and smooth graphics that make for addictive gameplay on top of a thrilling story. You can also compete against your friends for the first place in the leaderboards, or challenge yourself with creative hitman kills to become the world's finest silent assassin.

What is HappyMod?

HappyMod is a platform that provides modded APKs for various games and apps. Modded APKs are modified versions of original apps that have extra features or unlocked content that are not available in the official versions. For example, modded APKs can give you unlimited money, coins, gems, lives, weapons, skins, etc.

HappyMod has a large collection of modded APKs for different categories, such as action, adventure, arcade, casual, simulation, sports, etc. You can also request mods for your favorite games or apps, or upload your own mods to share with other users. HappyMod is safe and reliable, as it verifies the mods before uploading them to ensure they are working and virus-free.

Why use Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod?

There are many reasons why you might want to use Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod instead of the original version of the game. Here are some of them:

  • You can get unlimited money and coins to buy and upgrade weapons and skills.

  • You can unlock all the weapons and missions without spending real money or completing difficult tasks.

  • You can enjoy the game without any ads or interruptions.

  • You can play the game offline without an internet connection.

  • You can have more fun and excitement with modded features and content.

How to Download and Install Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod

Step 1: Download APK + OBB on HappyMod App

The first step is to download the APK + OBB files of Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod on your device. You can do this by using the HappyMod app, which you can download from . After installing the HappyMod app, open it and search for Hitman Sniper in the search bar. You will see the Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod with the MOD Unlimited Money feature. Tap on the download button and wait for the download to finish.

Once the download is complete, you will have two files: an APK file and an OBB file. The APK file is the application file that you need to install on your device, while the OBB file is the data file that contains the game's assets and resources. You need to place the OBB file in the right folder to make the game work properly.

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Step 2: Install and Enjoy

The next step is to install the APK file on your device. Before you do that, you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device. To do that, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on. This will allow you to install apps that are not from the Google Play Store.

After enabling unknown sources, locate the APK file that you downloaded from HappyMod and tap on it. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the app. Once the installation is done, do not open the app yet. You need to move the OBB file to the right folder first.

To move the OBB file, you need a file manager app that can access your device's internal storage. You can use any file manager app that you like, such as ES File Explorer, File Manager, etc. Open the file manager app and go to the folder where you downloaded the OBB file. It should be in the Downloads folder or in the HappyMod folder.

Copy or cut the OBB file and paste it in this folder: Android > obb > com.squareenixmontreal.hitmansniperandroid. If you don't see this folder, create it manually. Make sure that the OBB file is named as

Now you are ready to play Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod. Just open the app and enjoy!

How to Play Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod

Step 1: Choose a Mission

When you launch Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod, you will see a menu with different options, such as Play, Contracts, Weapons, Leaderboards, etc. To start playing, tap on Play and choose a mission from the list. There are over 150 missions in total, each with its own target, location, and objectives.

You can also choose a contract from the Contracts option, which are special missions that have different rules and rewards. For example, there are contracts where you have to kill only specific targets, or contracts where you have to kill as many targets as possible in a limited time.

Some missions and contracts are locked at first, but you can unlock them by completing previous ones or by using money or tokens. With Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod, you don't have to worry about money or tokens, as you have unlimited amounts of them.

Step 2: Aim and Shoot

Once you choose a mission or a contract, you will enter the game mode where you have to use your sniper rifle to take out your targets. You can control your sniper rifle by using your fingers on the screen. You can swipe left or right to move your scope, pinch in or out to zoom in or out, and tap on the fire button to shoot.

You can also use other buttons on the screen to activate different features of your sniper rifle, such as silencer, thermal vision, focus mode, etc. These features can help you locate and eliminate your targets more easily and efficiently.

You have to be careful when shooting your targets, as some of them may notice your shots and alert others or escape. You also have to avoid killing innocent civilians or animals, as this will reduce your score and reputation. You can check your score and reputation at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Weapons and Skills

As you complete missions and contracts, you will earn money and experience points that you can use to upgrade your weapons and skills. You can access these options from the menu by tapping on Weapons or Skills.

You can buy new weapons or upgrade your existing ones by using money. There are over 15 weapons in total, each with its own stats and features. You can also customize your weapons by changing their skins or adding attachments.

You can upgrade your skills by using experience points. There are four skills in total: Focus Time, Thermal Vision Time, Reload Time Reduction, and Stability Increase. These skills can improve your performance and abilities in the game. You can also unlock new skills by completing certain achievements.

Tips and Tricks for Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod

Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod is a fun and challenging game that requires skill and strategy to master. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you become a better sniper and enjoy the game more:

Tip 1: Use the Environment to Your Advantage

One of the best things about Hitman Sniper APK HappyMod is t


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