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Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark

Iron Eagle (1986)1986

I still standby this plot is better than 'Top Gun' (1986), but I never said the script and everything else is better. Looks and even feels cheaper than the original 'Top Gun' despite this being $3 Million more expensive in its budget. Real jets do fly in the air, but their blocking needs tuning because it didn't look as awesome as I think it was trying to do. It's very cheesy but also cliche in dialogue, song choices, plot beats; acting is either fine or needed more takes. Alright, I'm done complaining, this wasn't for me at the end of the day. Not a recommendation.

Iron Eagle (1986)1986

We have ourselves another ultimate showdown between two high flying dogfighters, the original Top Gun (1986) versus Iron Eagle (1986). (Check out past episodes on Batman vs Black Scorpion, Lethal Weapon vs. LA Vice, The Fugitive vs. Fugitive X, RoboCop vs. RoboVampire and Double Impact vs. Twin Dragons.)

"Old enough to rock and roll" is a fast-paced hard rock song by Rainey Haynes. It appears in the first installment of the the Iron Eagle saga, and is heard during the race at McIntyre Mountain, between Doug Masters and Knotcher.Old enough to rock n' rollReleased1985-1986GenreHard rockArtistRainey HaynesDuration5:55 (recording); 6:39 (movie)Tempo188KeyB majorMovie(s) song is heard inIron Eagle (1986)Diegetic/nondiegeticDiegetic 041b061a72


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